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The IEC “Smart Energy” has implemented the installation of technological media, resulting in the creation of a distance learning online platform, through two new fully fitted, distance learning rooms, one in the Móstoles Campus (of the URJC) and the other in the campus of the University of Alcalá. This technological infrastructure is considered essential to achieve maximum efficiency for the educational actions with the IEC framework, and will be used in all the present and future programmes, courses, and actions as required.
The actions consist in the execution and implementation of an IEC “Smart Energy” distance learning room along with the IEC “Smart Energy” information technology room, located in the URJC Móstoles Campus, and the installation of an IEC “Smart Energy” distance learning room in the UAH “El Príncipe” building. The aforementioned rooms have compatible technologies with “streaming” systems enabling the recording and real time retransmission of the different presentations within the IEC area of focus, such as the teaching of the master and postgraduate programmes, own degrees, and holding seminars and workshops.
Videoconferencing was used to teach URJC-UAH International Doctorate School IEC cross-disciplinary training activities: Knowledge transfer and University – Company Innovation, in April and May 2014, to 60 students from the URJC and the UAH. Distance Learning Courses 2015

E Learning Course 2018:

Seminar about the transference of knowledge, May 2018

SPOC I “Innovaciones basadas en resultados de la investigación: nuevos retos”

SPOC II “Gestión Energética en Organizaciones”

MOOC: “Energía inteligente para un futuro sostenible”

Courses for 2016

 E- learning´s Courses : “Innovaciones  basadas en resultados de la investigación: nuevos retos”


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