Cursos de Verano y Seminarios

Meeting about uses and transformation of the CO 2 : from labs to enterprises     click here for further information

III Edition of the European Environmental Regulation Specialist. Click here for further information.

Summer Course: Smart Energy for a Sustainable Future. Click here for further information.

Summer Course: Energy Efficency and Sustainable Transport (URJC –UAH). This course covered the major aspects involved with energy efficiency and sustainable transport based on the electric vehicle, focussing on the technological, economic, and regulatory challenges. Guillermo Calleja, IEC coordinator, was one of the course directors. The UAH lecturer, David Fernández, also took part in the Round table discussion, “Examples of energy efficiency and sustainable transport: energy installations and the electric vehicle”. Click here for further information

ICT Seminar for Energy Efficiency. URJC-UAH. Click here for further information.