La RIS-3 (Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialization) is the Community of Madrid strategy that aims to make more effective use of existing knowledge resources in the region, making them available to the manufacturing fabric, as such that Madrid becomes the leading Autonomous Community contributing to Spain achieving an R+D+innovation spend of 3% of GDP in 2020. It is also designed to increase the number of innovating companies to make it the driving Autonomous Community in the nation throughout the period.
The International Excellence Campus tenders form part of the RIS-3 strategy, and are awarded based on two principles: Academic actions: The preparation of new specialisation studies (masters and doctorates) and collaborative research actions: The inclusion of collaborations with other public and private research centres, innovation-related actions, and the transfer of research results with company participation and collaboration as joint actions. The IEC “Smart Energy” International Excellence Campus approved the 2011 tender, (Order EDU/1539/2011 of 2nd June – BOE of 8th June 2011), based on Bioenergy (extendible to Clean Energies) and Smart Cities.
The following priority areas, supported by the RIS3 Operational Programme, are of relevance to the IEC: priority area 1 «to strengthen research, technological development, and innovation; priority area 4 «to encourage a transition to a low carbon economy in all sectors; priority area 6 «to conserve and protect the environment and to promote resource use efficiency; priority area 14 «to strengthen research, technological development, and innovation using a Financial Tool; and priority area 13 «technical support».