The International Excellence Campus “Smart Energy” project, was created with the aspiration of two public universities Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Universidad de Alcalá and the support of three other public universities associated with the project: University of Murcia, Cartagena Polytechnic University and University Extremadura, becoming a reference in the fields of bioenergy and intelligent infrastructures. It counts with extensive experience offered by two Spanish multinationals: REPSOL and FERROVIAL, two public research organizations: the Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT) and the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Energy (IMDEA Energy) and the the Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE) public company.

By combining teaching, research and business experience that the partners of the aggregation offer the transformative effect of the International Excellence Campus, will get multiply. Universities effect will have a real applicability to society, increasing employability and entrepreneurship of students, researchers and managers. Research will approach the market due to enterprises. The extensive international presence offered by international companies also allows the transfer of knowledge and technology getting a global effect.

Currently when the shortage of resources, due to the thrust demand of emerging countries and the geopolitical tensions in the most sensitive areas of energy supply, create real difficulties for European economies. That is why the efficient management of energy resources and security of supply becomes real imortant. Europe and its universities can lead the process of change towards a sustainable society, allowing a significant reduction in energy demand and fostering the necessity of supply through clean and efficient energy resources.