The two participating universities have an extensive offering of degrees, broadly related to the campus areas in the fields of biology, chemistry, bioenergy, infrastructures, or global change, the latter approached from a range of angles. Currently over 60 degree courses are on offer that could be classified within these categories.
For example, the Master in Ecosystem Restoration, offered jointly by King Juan Carlos University and the University of Alcalá, is forerunner of collaboration between entities and the experience gained when extended to the five universities participating in this and other academic fields can be used as a basis for a successful postgraduate school model

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Similarly, the University of Alcalá has Master programmes in Advanced Architecture and City Projects, Geographical Information Technologies, Advanced Electronic Systems and Smart Systems, and Information and Communication Technologies. They are all linked to the field of smart infrastructures, with the latter three having been awarded an ANECA excellence seal.

Additionally, King Juan Carlos University has degree courses on Energy Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biology and Environmental Engineering, which have broad ties with the field of new biofuels development, as well as Telecommunications Engineering, Telematics Engineering, Foundations in Information Technology and Architecture, relating to the smart infrastructures field.