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Resolución de los Premios CEI 2019

Resolución de Premios CEI 2018

Ampliación del Plazo Premios CEI 2018

5ª  Edición de los Premios PTECO2

Got Energy Talent COFUND – Fellowship Programme

Convocatoria Premios CEI 2018

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Fellowship programme on climate, energy and earth system research on behalf of the German Academic Exchange service (DAAD, )The call is open to applications from both junior and senior researchers. do not hesitate to contact should you have any additional questions concerning the call or if you need further information:








Smart Living Plat

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PhD Ad – Market-oriented Optimisation of Smart Embedded Energy Networks

PhD Ad – Autonomic Management of User-centric Cloud Services for Smart Cities


Convocatoria ESA BIC


Convocatoria ESA BIC Comunidad de Madrid.La convocatoria estaría orientada hacia emprendedores, micro pymes, y pymes principalmente.



Opening of the 5th Repsol Foundation Entrepreneurs Fund tender

The REPSOL Entrepreneurs fund provides a unique opportunity to entrepreneurs that wish to take their business idea off the drawing board and into the market. Selected projects will receive financial support through a donation of up to €288,000 over a maximum period of two years. They will also have access to a team of tutors, technical and legal advice, training in line with their needs, contact with investors, and inclusion in the “Entrepreneurs Fund Community” ecosystem.

The terms for participation can already be consulted and downloaded here

This 5th Tender is open to all people or companies with a stand out project that uses procedures, processes, technologies, etc. that imply significant inputs into the energy efficiency and energy area. We are looking for the best business projects with innovative solutions in the area of energy, efficiency, and energy saving. For example: • The development of new processes, technologies, services, products, and materials aimed at promoting energy efficiency throughout the chain: energy sourcing, production, distribution, supply, and use. • The development of innovative storage technologies and transport network management/energy distribution that leads to lower energy consumption. • The application of information technologies aimed at promoting consumption savings and improving energy efficiency. • The energy valorisation of wastes aimed at developing an efficient circular economy. In this 5th tender, we support projects at the idea or concept testing phase, and they will receive €24,000 during a year to bring them to fruition.