Technical Office

The Technical Office, under the Vice-rectorate of Innovation, Science Quality and Research Infrastructures from URJC and the Vice-rectorate for Research and Transfer UAH, is the administrative and technical management of the CEI body, dealing with the daily management of the project in its various activities, as well as the Programme for Strengthening Project, related to the first. From the Technical Office coordination is done with the managers of other institutions and coordination with companies and entities associated with CEI “Smart Energy”, maintaining constant contact with all of them. The Technical Office has its physical headquarters on the campus of Mostoles URJC in the building of the Rectory, particularly in the Promotion and Transfer Unit, CINTTEC being director D. Santiago Romo Urroz. To carry out the technical management of the CEI “Smart Energy” Doctor Agronomist is hired by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Ms. Mar Gómez Zamora, with lecturing experience, in engineering and management., Doña Susana Villar Fernández (Technical Manager at the University of Alcalá) and  Mr. Alfonso Hernandez Alexiades (Administrative Support CEI).