Sponsoring Partners

The “Smart Energy” International Excellence Campus arises out of a strong collaboration agreement between the different Sponsoring Partners or “core” group. It is comprised of two public universities, King Juan Carlos University and the University of Alcalá, two multinational Spanish companies, REPSOL and FERROVIAL, two public research institutions, the Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT) and the Madrid Institute of Advanced Energy Studies (IMDEA Energía), and the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade corporate entity, the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE).


1. The IEC Coordinating University: King Juan Carlos University (URJC)

The URJC Rector team:

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Rector
Fernando Suárez Bilbao

equipo uahVice-Rectorate of Teaching, Academic Planning and Degrees
Mª Luz Martín Peña

Vice-Rectorate of Faculty and Research
Luis Miguel Doncel Pedrera

Vice-Rectorate of Own Degrees, Continuous Training, Postgraduate studies, and International Relationships
Jose María Alvarez Monzoncillo

Vice-Rectorate of Innovation, Scientific Quality and Research Infrastructures
Juan Antonio Melero Hernández

Vice-Rectorate of Students
José Ramón Monrobel Alcántara

Vice-Rectorate of Development Cooperation, Volunteering, and Institutional Relationships
Ángel Gil de Miguel

Vice-Rectorate of University Extension
Juan José Nájera Sánchez

General Secretary
Andrés Gambra Gutiérrez

General Manager
Mª Teresa Sánchez Magdaleno

2.The IEC Partner University: University of Alcalá (UAH)

The UAH Rector Team

Nuevo Equipo de Gobierno. julio 2015Universidad de Alcalá Rector
Fernando Galván

Vice-Rectorate of Research and Transfer
María Luisa Marina Alegre

Vice-Rectorate of Teaching and Research Staff
Julia Buján Varela

Vice-Rectorate of Postgraduate studies and Permanent Education
Juan Ramón Velasco Pérez

Vice-Rectorate of International Relations
Miguel Ángel Sotelo Vázquez

Vice-Rectorate of Teaching and Students
José Vicente Saz Pérez

Vice-Rectorate of University Extension and Institutional Relationships
José Raúl Fernández del Castillo Díez

Vice-Rectorate of Coordination and Communication
José Santiago Fernández Vázquez

Vice-Rectorate of the Guadalajara Campus
Carmelo García Pérez

General Secretary
Mª Carmen Figueroa Navarro

Rubén Garrido Yserte

3. IEC multinational partner company REPSOL

4. IEC multinational partner company: FERROVIAL

5. IEC public research partner entity: CIEMAT

6. IEC Madrid Research Institute partner IMDEA Energía

7. IEC Public Corporate Entity partner: IDAE