Vision and Mission

The IEC Smart Energy vision is to provide energy and infrastructure solutions that accelerate sustainable growth in regional economies through the cooperation of the Madrid Autonomous Community, both universities and research centres, and world renowned companies in bioenergy and smart infrastructures. Bioenergy and smart infrastructures come with environmental, financial, and social challenges. As such, social well-being needs improving by using resources more efficiently, and conserving biological diversity through the development of new skills and knowledge. The IEC “Smart Energy” International Excellence Campus focuses on leadership to generate knowledge on both concepts, exploiting strengths in sectors specifically linked to a pattern of growth and development, and expanding it throughout the region.

The 2011 “Smart Energy” International Excellence Campus is conceived as a multidisciplinary campus, with an international outlook, and focused on the generation and transfer of knowledge about bioenergy and smart infrastructures, specialising in the study, research, teaching, and transfer of bioenergy knowledge as an alternative towards sustainability, and smart infrastructures to improve quality of life, public services, and engender a new concept of a city. It is based on regional and multi-institutional cooperation, as well as the skills in the areas of Bioenergy and Smart Infrastructures drawn from the universities, URJC and UAH, the companies, REPSOL and FERROVIAL, the public research entities, CIEMAT and IMDEA Energía, and institutional support from IDAE, which contribute to conveying knowledge and generating wealth.

It is conceived with a clear international focus aimed at cooperation, via the priority areas of the 2011 IEC tender, in order to appeal and move talent around in the form of researchers, lecturers, professionals, and students. The Mission is to build an internationally renowned campus in the field of Bioenergy and Smart Infrastructures, allied with strong business links, based on an open, innovative, networked university model, which creates leaders and entrepreneurs that promote local social-economic development, deriving in a greater social impact from university activities. The IEC will be an international benchmark in knowledge creation and transfer, as well as training professionals on bioenergy and global change. It is set up as a driver of change and transformation towards a new business growth model from the Madrid Autonomous Community and to the world.