The primary objective of SUN-to-LIQUID is the sca­le-up and experimental validation of the complete process chain to solar liquid hydrocarbon fuels from H2O, CO2 and solar energy. Solar fuel production is truly scalable as less than 1% of the arid land is sufficient to meet the glo­bal fuel demand. Adverse effects due to direct or indirect land use change are very low compa­red to conventional biofuel pathways. Furthermore, low water consumption is a distinct feature of solar ther­mochemical fuel production. This course will present the main features of the different processes to obtain them, addressing different aspects such as technical, economic, environmental…The course is mainly oriented to MSc and PhD students who want to achieve a higher degree of specialization in this field, but also to other students with a specific interest in these topics and a limited amount of time. Students will enjoy of lectures and practical work in singular facilities such as the StL solar field of 250 kW with 169 heliostats and will interact with some of the reference researchers worldwide on these topics. The Summer School will take place in June, 25th-29th, at IMDEA Energy Institute in Móstoles, a town close to Madrid and easily accessible by public transport. Important dates are:

  • 15th May 2018 Pre-registration
  • 25th May 2018 Announcement of participants accepted
  • 8th June 2018 Registration and Payment of the registration fee

Further information click Summer School and brochure