The creation of an a SPIN OFF is one of the technology transfer pathways with the greatest current potential. The URJC and the UAH have been making significant investments in promoting learning for a number of years through the implementation of a range of specific educational programmes, as well as the promotion of technology transfer through technology based companies. For the URJC, the 2014 approval of the URJC Regulation of the Spin off has given a boost to this area, promoting the identification and analysis of ideas proposed by lecturers and researchers, advice for entrepreneurs, the organisation of conferences and awareness actions, and collaboration with other entities dedicated to promoting learning. Additionally, the UAH has had their own KBC creation regulation in place since 2008, which the university applies when involved in creating companies. Within this regulation’s framework, SOTICOL Robotics Systems (Innovative Technological Solutions for Optimal Control and Planning) was created as a spin-off, focusing on both the design of optimal controllers for non-linear (and linear) and unstable (and stable) dynamic systems, as well as implementing movement planning in those systems. Its main objective is to commercially exploit the results of the research undertaken in the previous area and implemented in a range of technological products.

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