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Ferrovial  CI3 Tenders (UAH –URJC)
The Smart Infrastructures Innovation Centre (CI3) used a publicity campaign to announce the tender for 2 research projects in the field of smart infrastructures, for the IEC group’s institutions, UAH, and URJC.
Proj. E-JUNK SHOP: A technological platform for the reuse of objects deposited in Clean Points. It consists in the use of an on-line clean point as a reference location for the exchange of reusable items and the recycling of materials between the public. A Marketplace platform is developed, accessible via PC/mobile/Tablet PC, in which the user accesses the updated catalogue with reusable products. Maximum tender budget: €140,000.
Proj. SMARTAPARC: The aim of the project is to develop a surface parking monitoring system through real time artificial vision applications, which is a smarter way to manage city parking infrastructures. The system must allow publishing through different means such as information panels, websites, and/or mobile applications. It will be tested during the Cultural Centre of Guadalajara. Maximum tender budget: €150,000.
Deadline for applications: 16th June 2014 by 18:00.
Application presentation location: Sede del Centro de Innovación de Infraestructuras Inteligentes, Avda. de Buendía nº11 – 2ª Planta, Oficina 68, 19005 Guadalajara.
Further information:
Further information on the specifications can be found in the website:



The “INSPÎRE Programme” is an open innovation initiative between Repsol and King Juan Carlos University (URJC), which aims to bring the best energy ideas to fruition. It targets URJC university community and the other “Smart Energy” International Excellence Campus partners who have both the curiosity and ideas to resolve the challenges proposed in this campaign. The aim of this INSPÎRE Programme is to find ambitious solutions to the energy and environment challenges faced by our society, as well as encouraging a creative and innovative spirit to aid the incorporation of significant advances in the energy sector.
The programme will consist of three different phases:
• Proposal presentation: from 3-10-2013 to 3-12-2013
• Communication of selected proposals: 14-02-2014
• Project preparation: 14-02-2014 to 1-04-2014
• Communication of selected projects: 15-07-2014
• Negotiation and signing of agreements with plan authors: 45 days
• Negotiation and signing of agreements to develop the projects: 45 days
URJC researchers and lecturers will be able to send their proposals via the Universitas XXI website, within the internal INSPÎRE Programme tender.
“Smart Energy” International Excellence Campus partners and URJC students that want to participate will be able to send their proposals to the URJC Centre for Innovation, Technology Transfer and Knowledge (CINTTEC) to the following email address:
For more information on this programme, please contact Mar Gómez Zamora,
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King Juan Carlos University (URJC hereinafter) uses this web page on the Internet to service the previously described programme. Content uploaded by the URJC or participating companies is protected under intellectual property rights. Brand names, logos, labels, and designs appearing on this page belong to the URJC, to participating companies, to companies from their group or their licensees, as applicable. Content downloaded from this page is only for personal use and not commercial use. The content cannot be either copied or modified.
The URJC will do everything within its means to include accurate and up to date information, but does not guarantee or make any statements about its accuracy or the level of detail. The Repsol-URJC Inspire Programme Terms document will be the only valid document.